Contouring & Reshaping

If you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, or fractured, you may want to consider contouring or reshaping the teeth. This process may help chipped areas from progressing to a worse condition. Contouring may be used to correct bite problems, eliminate overlaps, and provide better alignment. A number of different issues may be corrected through contouring and reshaping.

The process involves using a sanding drill to remove small amounts of the tooth's surface. Little by little surface enamel is removed until the desired result is achieved. A process of smoothing and polishing follows the reshaping process to restore the tooth's surface to its original look and feel.

If you are considering veneers or bonding, you might benefit from sculpting the teeth through contouring and reshaping. Compared to other methods, contouring and reshaping is fast, painless, and inexpensive. Contouring and reshaping may be effective in complementing the surrounding crowns, bridges, and implants or used in conjunction with veneers and bonding.

Are you candidate for contouring or reshaping? Call (207) 947-4767 or schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Carreira and discuss your cosmetic dental needs.

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