Mouthguards are most commonly seen and associated with football and hockey players. More and more mouthguards are being used by participants in basketball, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, and any other sport which may present the risk of tooth injury.

The purpose of a mouthguard is to protect the upper teeth from injury resulting from collisions, blows to the jaw, hits from balls, pucks, sticks, bats and similar sports objects. Sports injuries involving teeth are most common among children and teenager than any other age group. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mouthguards to reduce these types of injuries.

An example of a mouthguard used by athletes in a variety of sports.

Please take a minute to study each type of mouthguard listed here.

Off-the-Shelf or "Stock" Mouthguards
Stock mouthguards are the least expensive and may be purchased at most major sports retailers. These types of guards are not easy to adjust and may restrict proper breathing.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards
This mouthguard type is formed by the wearer's mouth. The guard is made pliable by submerging the guard in boiling water. After the guard is allowed to cool slightly, the guard is placed in the mouth and the wearer immediately bites down to create an impression of the teeth in the plastic guard. This process creates a specific fit which is more comfortable than the "stock" guard.

Custom-Formed Mouthguard
This guard type is created by a dentist for a more exact fit than the "boil and bite" method. The dentist makes an impression of the teeth and the guard is fabricated to match the impression. This process takes several days and is more costly, but results in a precise fit for the wearer. A custom guard may be formed in a variety of designs and colors.

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