Dental crowns or "caps" are covers that are designed to restore damaged teeth by providing structural protection, increased strength, and improved appearance.

Crowns are formed from a variety of substances including: Empress porcelain, porcelain to metal, or gold. The materials we use to make crowns depends on each individual case. Based on your needs, a crown may be created and applied in one visit. In most cases, you should expect at least two visits to complete the procedure.

Non precious metal, bonded crown (dental prosthetic).

During the first visit, you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. Nitrous Oxide is available for dental patients who prefer sedation. The tooth is then prepared by removing any old filling and/or new decay and as much of the existing tooth structure is retained. The tooth preparation is completed by taking an impression of the remaining tooth.

If the procedure cannot be completed in a single visit, a temporary crown is placed over the exposed tooth. Extra care must be taken when wearing a temporary crown. While the temporary crown is cemented in place, you must be especially careful when brushing and flossing around the temporary crown. You must also avoid eating "sticky" foods that could potentially remove the temporary crown. If the temporary crown should become loose or removed, please our office as soon as possible.

If your procedure requires a second visit, the area around the tooth is once again numbed, the temporary crown is removed, the new, permanent crown is applied and checked for proper fit and correct bite alignment. If adjustments are needed, Dr. Carreira will make the necessary adjustments and consult with you about the fit an appearance of the crown before bonding the crown to the tooth.

The bonding process involves cement and a laser which makes the crown as strong and durable as your other, healthy teeth. Once properly bonded, your crown will be able to function to withstand normal, daily use and cleaning.

If you would like more information about crowns call (207) 947-4767 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Carreira to discuss the appropriate dental crown solution for your situation.

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